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The Cast

Blue Ocean Bob

“It’s true.  I could fail.  But you can’t leave the shore if you never set sail.”

~ Blue Ocean Bob in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

Bob is a spirited and courageous young boy who has discovered his love for the ocean and all its creatures. With their help, he discovers he wants to become a marine biologist and work with Mary Marine! Bob lives with his mother, the Mayor of the Island of Roses, and his father, a math teacher and soccer coach at The Island School. His friend and guardian, Xena the hummingbird, has been his faithful companion for as long as he can remember.  Bob is usually able to help Xena overcome her doubts and fears with a positive outlook and thoughtful action.


“What if you fail, Bob? Just what if you blow it?
This ocean’s much bigger than you, and you know it!”
~ Xena the hummingbird in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Xena is an outspoken pink hummingbird who is Bob’s guardian, best friend and constant companion.  She’s doubtful, a little worried and does not like taking risks.  Xena would rather play safely on the shores of the Island of Roses than venture out with Bob on his maritime adventures. Nevertheless, Bob appreciates Xena for being a good, trusted friend who will always stand (or fly) by his side.


“Decide what you love, what excites and inspires,
then make that your purpose and watch what transpires.”
  ~ Doc the turtle in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Doc is a wise, elderly turtle who gained his knowledge through experience and by studying the great sea creatures of his and prior generations. He has mentored many of the same ocean friends who help Bob and Xena along their way. Doc is the sage who opens Bob’s eyes to his true passion for ocean preservation. Doc helps Bob discover his purpose and gives him direction for his journey.


“Finding your purpose is only the start,
Every good sailor must follow a chart.
So I’ll tell you the next thing that you have to do:
Develop a vision and follow it through.”
       ~ Earl the clam in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Earl is a magnificent, giant clam who has the talent and patience to grow enormous pearls. He has studied with Doc the turtle for many years and is a very knowledgeable creature of the ocean. Earl the clam becomes an important mentor to Bob. He is quite good at giving advice as he has much experience helping others along the shore.


“Set a goal from your vision.  And if you believe,
you might be surprised by what you can achieve.”
       ~ Wallace the walrus in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Wallace is a jolly walrus who advises Bob that to succeed, he need not do ‘certain things,’ but rather things in a ‘certain way.’  Wallace the walrus teaches Bob about the importance of setting goals and maintaining a calm, confident demeanor as he does little things in a great way, everyday. Wallace is a good friend of Doc the turtle and Earl the clam, and he becomes an unexpected but welcome ally for Bob on his quest.


“Why, there’s no secret in it!
I simply appreciate life’s every minute.
For we are all given incredible power.
You have it right now, every day, every hour.”
       ~ Al the dolphin in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Al is a friendly bottlenose dolphin who is very outgoing and helpful. He is a leader among the ocean mammals and a shining example of confidence and compassion to other sea life. One of Doc’s finest students, Al is the perfect friend to help guide Bob in the right direction.

Mary Marine

“That’s just idle chatter.
If you know your true purpose, those facts do not matter.”
       ~ Mary Marine in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 Although only in her early 20s, Mary is the Island of Roses leading marine biologist. When she was a student at The Island School, she became good friends with Doc the turtle.  She works closely with Doc, Al the dolphin, Earl the clam, Wallace the walrus and the other sea creatures to protect all life in the Sea of Kerchoo. When Mary meets Bob, she is impressed with his enthusiasm to work with her.  But she needs to make sure he is capable and committed to this challenging job. After a few important tests, she realizes that Bob’s passion, courage and commitment will make him a valuable assistant (and Xena too).


Tom the blue whale in the Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

Tom is an enormous blue whale who lives in the eternal calm of the deep ocean waters.  He is a silent character and represents serenity and grace.  For years, Doc the turtle has studied Tom and his contemporaries for secrets to a peaceful and harmonious life. When Bob seeks to become Mary Marine’s assistant, she gives him the great challenge of tagging and tracking Tom on the high seas.  Although at times elusive, Tom sees that Bob has his best interests at heart and ultimately helps Bob with his monumental task.

Molly Marine

“I love all the sea creatures.”
       ~ Molly in The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob

 When the sea creatures advise Blue Ocean Bob that he should find an assistant, he follows up on a tip from Earl the Clam about a young girl Earl has seen helping sea life near the shore.  Although it comes as a surprise to Bob, Molly is Mary Marine’s niece and has a similar passion for the ocean and its creatures.  Molly is a willing candidate and demonstrates the right attitude when asked by Bob to track and tag Belle the humpback whale.

BOB’s Other Pals