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Reviews and Testimonials


''This excellent juvenile marine educational series works well on dual levels, to increase awareness of the need for marine stewardship and to work towards a goal using varied resources and keeping a positive attitude. A gently humorous note is added in the bright colored comic style illustrations.'' 

-- Midwest Book Review


“We can all relate to the queries of youth that Bob faces.  A wonderful role model, he holds the strength and courage it takes to not settle, to discover what is meaningful and sound.   This insightful story invites us to journey with its characters, to learn with them.  It is an inspiration for all ages!”

--Independent Publisher (IP Notable)

“…a series that is sure to prevail.”

-- Foreword Reviews (three-time IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist)


"We really liked the illustrations and the rhymes. It is so fun to read to children when you can rely on a rhythm through well written rhyme! We liked everything about the book - from the binding to the illustrations to the story to the theme."

-- Academic's Choice Awards reviewer ('Smart Book' Award Winner)


''Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose is an inspirational, versed, illustrated life-goals guide book for kids based on the philosophy and teachings of Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale.''

--Children's Bookwatch: Reviewers Choice


''[Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose] is a little book but one that packs a bug punch of wisdom. All of us in our lives want to be fulfilled and happy, many never find the way. In this book, wisdom is given wrapped in a charming rhyme, upbeat story. Brought to life with colorful, bold, illustrations. Wisdom indeed will be found that will last your child a lifetime. Very well done, recommended.

--Midwest Book Reviews Book Watch: Shirley's Bookshelf


''Brooks Olbrys has done a remarkable job.  Blue Ocean Bob provides young minds with positive precepts and powerful lessons that will serve them for the rest of their lives.'' 

--Bob Proctor, bestselling author of You Were Born Rich


“… a truly amazing and creative “hero’s journey” for children….It is wonderful for all ages!”

--Mary Morrissey, best-selling author of No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams


Blue Ocean Bob empowers children to cultivate proactive attitudes, to value themselves and confidently tap into their inherent gifts for making their dreams come true.”

--Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


“The deepest desire we have as parents is to help our children build character, confidence, kindness, and enthusiasm. Your children will love these delightful stories, and the simple but profound principles they reveal will be with them for a lifetime.”

--Brian Biro, Author of Beyond Success

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob series teaches important lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. By using words and art, the books will especially entertain children who will one day become our future.'' 

--Don M. Green, Executive Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation


''I love the use of rhyme and rhythm--that not only helps to engage the young reader-listener but also prepares the way for other poetry.'' 

--Nancy Huddleston Packer, Professor of English Emeritus, Stanford University


The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob series is destined for greatness.  What better way to prepare our children for personal success than to take them on a trip through the power of their minds and imaginations.  Thumbs up, bon voyage, a new children’s classic has been birthed!”

--Cynthia Brian, New York Times best-selling author, TV/Radio host, and Founder of the literacy charity, Be the Star You Are!


"Brooks Olbrys understands the affinity children have for rhyming stories and proves to be a master at writing really fine rhyming lines….The story is well written, extravagantly illustrated….This is award caliber work and a book that belongs in every home. Highly Recommended." 

--Grady Harp,  Top 50 Reviewer/Hall of Fame Reviewer


"I love Blue Ocean Bob. I love how you came up with Al. I think the part where Doc rebuckled his pants is funny."

Ailynn, New York, age 6


“I learned to never give up.  Never stop what you’re doing.  Never turn back when its too hard.  Never stop reaching for your dreams.”

-- Dante, Colorado, age 9


“The books help me understand how to think about problems and how to have a positive attitude in any situation.”

-- Amelie, Florida, age 9


“I have learned to be thankful and to be passionate about my life.  I also learned that I can be anything I desire.”

-- Isabella, Colorado, age 9


“I learned how to protect wildlife and our oceans.”

-- Phoebe, Minnesota, age 9


 **  The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob series has won eleven awards.  

A Journey Begins was a Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist for Juvenile Fiction (2013) and the Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner for Juvenile Fiction (2015).  

A Challenging Job was a Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist for Juvenile Fiction (2015) and a Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist for Best Overall Design (2015). 

Into the Lead won an Academic's Choice Smart Book Award (2016), was a Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist for Juvenile Fiction (2016), was a Best Book Awards Finalist for Children's Education (2016), and was both a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist for Best Overall Design (2016) and Finalist for Juvenile Fiction (2018).

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob trilogy series was a Parents' Picks Award Winner for the Top 10 Best Books for Elementary & Preschool Kids (2018).

Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose picture book was the NYC Big Book Award Winner for Children's - Motivational (2021).