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Parent and Teacher Activity Guide

The suggested discussion questions and activities in the free Parent and Teacher Activity Guide (download below) are a fun and effective aid for helping children learn the achievement principles covered in the books which include purpose, vision, goals, attitude, persistence, confidence, responsibility, communication, gratitude, success, courage, creativity, decision, action, leadership, intuition, concentration, perception, imagination, and cooperation.
The Parent and Teacher Activity Guide also helps build English language arts competencies (Reading: Literature) outlined in the new Common Core State Standards (“CCSS”) such as Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas. With Lexile® measures of 660L, 680L, 710L and 730L, respectively, (equivalent to a median 2nd/3rd grade CCSS reading level for college and career readiness), A Journey BeginsA Challenging Job, Into the Lead, and A Secret in the Deep early chapter books offer opportunities to explore topics such as poetry, dialogue, character traits, lessons and morals, story structure, the complementary use of text and illustration, art and marine science. In addition, the guide includes a glossary for each book as well as goal-setting and visualization activities.

Doc Goal Card

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Blue Ocean Bob Bookmark

Create a bookmark with your favorite message from the book.